A woman using a laptop next to a Wi-Fi hotspot device.

Top 5 Wi-Fi Hotspot Devices

Wi-Fi Hotspot Device

Need a Wi-Fi hotspot device? In this article we are looking at our top five favorite options.
It’s become almost impossible to survive without being connected to the internet. Our smartphones are nearly useless without it, so being connected to Wi-Fi has become a necessity and having the right Wi-Fi hotspot device is imperative.

A Wi-Fi hotspot device can be either a router or a router-modem combination. When using a traditional router, you still need to supply it with an internet connection from a provider. It can be a small mouse-sized unit which is more portable and could fit in your pocket or a larger device which provides stronger Wi-Fi signal and connectivity speed and can usually accommodate many more devices at one time.

Many public spaces have Wi-Fi hotspots that people can connect to, so having one at home will definitely make your life that much easier. Now, let’s look at our top five Wi-Fi hotspot devices.

1. Netgear Nighthawk

Besides the brilliant speeds that the Netgear Nighthawk offers, it also had good LTE coverage. One of its great features, even though it’s one of the bigger sized hotspots, is that it has up to 11 hours of battery life between charging.

It’s not a device you want to move around all the time, but it is small enough to carry in a purse or backpack if you wanted to. The downside of this unit is that it is pricier than some of its peers but if you are looking for better speed and LTE coverage then this is a good option.

You can pick one of these up on Amazon for $349.99.

2. Skyroam Solace Lite

If you are looking for a more mid-range very portable Wi-Fi hotspot device that has excellent LTE 4G coverage, then the Skyroam Solace Lite is a good option.

Its funky orange color makes it easy on the eye and will add some flare to your desk. It’s small enough to bring along if you need to be connected while traveling. One of the downsides, though, is that it makes use of third-party USB cables to charge which can be a bit inconvenient. On the upside it has a great battery life, it is available on rental plans and it can support up to 10 devices.

At Best Buy you can pick it up for $119.99.

3. Huawei e5885

This is a very trendy-looking little hotspot, but it is dynamite in a small package and is quite a bit pricier than other hotspots of a similar size. One of the reasons you might want to pay more for this option is that it boasts excellent battery life which can last up to a whole day.

You could even make us of its 25-hour battery to charge your other devices with the handy USB port. It is also one of the fastest hotspot devices with a 300 megabits per second download speed, and can handle up to 32 devices at a time.

This stylish modem is available at Aliexpress for $267.

4. Simple Mobile — Moxee 4G

If you really want the most affordable option in terms of a hotspot device, then the Simple Mobile Moxee should do the trick. It’s small and conveniently portable, and according to customer reviews, very easy to use and set up.

If you prefer a pre-paid unit then this will work as there is no contract required to purchase it. It has decent coverage and comes with a sim card already loaded.

Check out Best Buy where this little modem is only $49.

5. Verizon MiFi M2100

Verizon has come a long way since their first offering which was quite noisy and had a few performance issues. The M2100, however, is a model we recommend if you’re willing to spend a bit more than the average hotspot device.

This hotspot can handle up to 30 other devices and can reach up to 80 feet so it is great for group events. The downside is that the Verizon 5G coverage is still very limited. But if you fall within its rage then you can get one at Verizon for $399.99, or you can pay $13.33 over 30 months.

Which Will You Choose?

There are options for Wi-Fi hotspot devices for everyone, regardless of your budget and needs. Be sure to shop around to find the best option, and keep your eyes peeled for sales.