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Looking to Order Custom-Made Jewelry? Try These 2 Online Retailers

Customer Jewelry Online

The jewelry market is extremely vast with many fast fashion options. So how do consumers weed out what is good and worth the time and money and what is not? Also, how do people get custom jewelry online?

Lucky for you we have the answers.

First, it would depend on what type of jewelry you are looking for, what type of stone and for what type of occasion. The first step to finding a reputable jewelry store is to see if they have a gemmologist on staff, that is the only true way to know that you are getting what you paid for.

If they do not have a gemmologist on staff at least make sure they have reasonable prices for the type of stone, you are buying. If a diamond is dirt cheap, then there is likely to be a reason for that.

Keep reading to learn about a few great online stores to order custom-made jewelry!

1. Bijoux Medusa

The first custom jewelry store we checked out was Bijoux Medusa. The first thing we noticed and loved from Bijoux Medusa was that their jewelry comes with a certificate stating the value of the jewelry.

This way you know you are getting what you paid for. On the main page there is a tab to start a customized project.

This brings you to a page where you can choose gold type — 10KT, 14KT or up to 22KT. It also allows you to choose gold or silver color.

Then, you can describe your project and vision and even add in visuals for them to work off. There is a section to add in a budget and they will let you know when they call you to discuss the project further if that budget is reasonable.

A jeweler will contact you within 24 hours and your deposit is fully refundable if you should choose to go another direction with your project.

Overall, we are impressed with the site’s layout and the ease of customize that they offer.

2. CustomMade

Another custom online jewelry store we recommend is CustomMade. The site is very easy to use, and it has an incredibly clean and professional layout.

There is a link to customize right on the main screen as well as a link for jewelry 101 where it has information for the consumer to become more knowledgeable about what they are buying exactly.

Once you decide to customize you can choose if it is for an engagement ring or other occasion and you can add in the name of your spouse or recipient afterward. There is an option when choosing the engagement ring to add in pictures and to describe the hints that your spouse has given you.

What to Expect When Modifying the Jewelry

Next, you can choose your stone option. You have the option of colored gemstone, diamond, moissanite or no stone. For our research we choose a colored gemstone because that is our personal preference. Then, you have the option to add a minimum and maximum budget for your creation. They then state that the minimum wait time is four weeks, and they ask you to state your time frame for the engagement.

You then choose where your ring will be delivered. The next step is simple — you just make your account. Now, you have the option to choose your stone type. If you have something extremely specific in mind, simply select other and they can look into getting that stone for you.

Then, you get to choose stone shape. The website makes is incredibly easy for you by giving you photo reference for stone shape. Next, they take you to a quiz where you quickly pick your significant others style and the type of wedding that you envision. Then, you can choose options like classic or unique, clean, or ornamental, delicate or bold and curvy or angular.

You then choose stone style, cluster, one stone or two stone, then the band style, decorative, plain or engraved. Next comes setting, which can be confusing for some customers so once again there are pictures to explain the difference between prong and bezel.

Next, you choose you to set and band color. This is where you end for day one, next you send off an email with any more information you wish to add then a jeweler will contact you to discuss you customized project.