Cell phone cases against a wooden background.

A Guide to the Best Phone Accessories and Top-Name Retailers

Cell Phone Accessories

The market for electronics changes fast, there is always a new phone option with even more advanced settings and with that comes new options for accessories and gadgets. You can get pretty much anything for your phone including — portable chargers, earbuds, cases and other accessories.

The list of retailers selling cell phone accessories seems endless. Here are some of the top places where you can buy almost any phone accessory — Mobile Fun, the Apple store and Etsy if you are looking for something more handmade and unique.

1. Mobile Fun

Starting off with Mobile Fun, they have everything from cell phone cases to screen protectors all the way to chargers. They have fun gel cases as well as Otter Boxes which have a lifetime warranty and protect your phone from pretty much any damage.

They even have cases for every phone on the market, not just the more popular Apple phone options. Their cases range from $15 to just over $100.

They have fast and reliable shipping and offer reputable customer service.

2. Apple Store

Next up is the cell phone and cell phone accessory store everyone knows — the Apple store. The Apple store has become widely popular, nearly everyone has an iPhone and Apple seems to shoot out a new model once a year.

Just when you think they cannot advance their product any more they seem to find a way to do it again. With their advances in technology, they also match that with several accessories to choose from.
Their phone cases have the option of clear, wallet style, leather and many others.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max leather case with MagSafe comes in five colors and retails for under $100. This case is soft to the touch and offers the extra protection without losing style points that more hardcore cases would lose you.

What is great about the Apple website is that it is easy to use and quickly links you to other product that you might like.

For example, the MagSafe charger which retails for under $100. This charger quickly charges your phone simply by placing your phone on top of it. It is an incredibly cool tech gadget to have.

For Apple earpieces you have color options of blue, black, white, pink, or red and they come in several styles including wireless and options with wires as well. The wireless option is much sleeker and more stylish, and quickly becoming a popular cell phone accessory, however, it really depends on your own personal preference and what you are looking for.

3. Etsy

Lastly, let’s look at Etsy for some truly unique products for the artsy customer who is looking for an original add on to their most used everyday item. On Etsy they have so many options!

From Etsy our favorite cell phone case is the soft and stretchy cell phone pouch. This cell phone holder can be added onto your leggings or whatever attire you are wearing. It comes in several colors including ocean blue heather and light gray heather. The item retails for $49.62 and has many great reviews attached for it.

It is great for the active consumer who has an on-the-go lifestyle. For ladies it serves as a great option as a safe place to put your phone (since ladies’ pants pockets are so small, or sometimes non-existent) instead of having to carry a purse while out and about.

Also, on Etsy you will find many adorable resin phone holders and many handmade pop sockets, which are a great add on to any gift because you can never have too many options of either.

The next unique product we found that would be an amazing purchase for an active person is a bicycle front frame tube bag. This item sits on the handlebar of your bike and allows you to view your phone while peddling away. It has many options for phone size and type so it can take almost any option on the market currently and it retails for $26.87.

With having so many options for cell phone accessories, you really can personalize it to your own style. What more could you possibly want?