A person connecting their phone to a wireless speaker.

Sonos Wireless Speakers: Top 5 Models to Jam Out To

Sonos Wireless Speakers

Portable Bluetooth speakers have become a go-to when playing your tunes, whether it is at home, at a party or even while at work for some people. Home sound systems have evolved into this handy portable and wireless generation of devices, and we thought we would take a look at what Sonos wireless speakers have to offer.

Almost 20 years ago, Sonos was founded in California, and since then they have made a name and set the bar for multi-home speakers. These speakers are known to be easy to use, they have simple setup and a stylish and sleek designs (from the smallest portable speaker to the larger ones, which can also be used outdoors in the garden).

Sonos wireless speakers are so easy to use, with Amazon Alexa built-in, you can use them with your voice, Airplay 2 or the Sonos App.

1. Sonos One

You can talk to your Sonos One as it’s a smart speaker with built-in Alexa capability as well as support for Airplay 2 and even Siri.

It might not boast with the best-quality sound out of the Sonos range, but for its price of $219.99 at Best Buy you can be guaranteed to have booming tunes through your home or at work.

The Sonos One also boasts with a really cute and compact design that is not too big and will not be in your way. If you are looking at a mid-range speaker to blow you away, then this is the Sonos wireless speaker for you.

2. Sonos Move

This 3-kilogram speaker delivers a deep sound of superior quality and the sound cannot even be compared to the Roam.

The great sound comes at a price, however, because the downside of the Move is that its weight makes it less portable.

It is also one of the most expensive speakers from Sonos but for the price of $399.99 from Best Buy, guarantees superior quality.

The Move also has on-board voice recognition with built-in Alexa, Bluetooth and full Wi-Fi connectivity.

3. Sonos Roam

This triangular shaped speaker is fully portable with Wi-Fi-connectivity and Bluetooth. It’s the cheapest unit from Sonos and can be purchased at Best Buy for only $179.99.

As its name suggests, you can roam anywhere indoors and even venture outdoors and use it for a garden party.

This handy Roam has an excellent 10-hour battery life, even though it is so much smaller than the Move and has also been rated IP67 waterproof.

Its sound may not be as dynamic as some of its peers but it is full-bodied enough to make it a great buy. This little guy is a great starter speaker if you are looking to build the collection.

4. Sonos Beam

The Beam is substantially smaller than its big brother, the Arc, but it still booms great sound performance, making its price of $399.99 at Best Buy totally worthwhile.

This speaker boasts three passive radiators, one tweeter and four full-range drivers. The Beam also has Apple AirPlay support, Siri and Alexa assistants but it is best feature is the HDMI ARC connection.

The Beam has compact dimensions, making it a snug part of your sound setup and will definitely take your sound to the next level at an affordable price.

5. Sonos Arc Soundbar

Now here is a speaker that might blow your mind and perhaps your pocket.

If you are looking to pay for extremely good quality sound, then this is the perfect speaker for you. Its large size makes it a better option of placing it in a set spot, however it can be moved around if you need to.

This beauty with its sleek design can be purchased at Best Buy for $899.99.

This Arc also has the Google assistance as well as Alexa, and it can handle Dolby Atmos signals from compatible TVs, so it also supports eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel). The Arc is also impressively the current award winner of What Hi-Fi?

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a wireless speaker that is easy to use, has voice-recognition and has clear and rich sound quality, then the Sonos range will definitely have something for you.

At Best Buy you can enjoy free shipping and keep your eyes open for some discounted prices. Amazon also offers some of these speakers, but they do not seem to have stock of each one.