A vase on a glass mirror table.

Top 4 Apartment Decoration Ideas

Apartment Decor: Style Your Space Your Way

When it comes to apartment decor it is always best to follow your heart and go with designs that give you joy! This is after all your living space, and you should use it to help reflect your inner self.

There are so many great trends to count on this year, such as the classic cottage core trend or the stunning elegant deep color trend. Which includes rich emerald greens and silk patterns.

Now where do we get these amazing items, well the options for apartment decor are endless. We personally would recommend going on Etsy and finding a unique handmade item for a more personalized touch or going to the classic and trusted Wayfair website and seeing what they have available.

Today we are going to try to show you how to make your space look more lavish and help you pick out luxurious items for less!

1. Mirrors

The best way to make your space pop and to really make it seem larger than life is to invest in a mirror. A mirror doubles your space when it is placed in the right location and when it is the right mirror.

For an apartment we would place the large mirror by the front door where you take off your shoes. This is usually a small hallway, and a mirror can really help it feel more open and inviting. You'll be able to get one last look at your outfit before you leave with a mirror right by the door.

This mirror is a gorgeous romantic piece that will bring personality and class to your home, its lavish without the cost.

2. Color Palette

Next, we need to look at our color palette. We find emerald, green to be rich in color. It adds life to almost any space.

Look into purchasing emerald, green pillows for the couch and also a chair of similar color to tie the space together.

The green and gold in your apartment will take it from looking drab and small to elegant and rich in an instant. And now that we have our main pieces, we just need to grab some amazing add-ons to tie it all together.

This is when we head over to Etsy to find some truly amazing finds. Etsy is a marketplace for at home makers, you will find throw pillows, art and truly one of a kind furniture pieces that are worth every penny.

3. Coffee Table and Coffee Table Decor

To make your apartment unique and in style you need a coffee table that acts as a center piece and a conversation starter.

That is where a resin art coffee table comes in handy. On Etsy you will find many different options for this, however this is the option that we would recommend

Next, we look for smaller pieces that would sit on the coffee table. You could get a plain tray, but why do that when you can get something with personality that pops.

This piece from Etsy is a green and gold coffee table tray with flowers painted on, and is cute apartment décor — what more could you want!

4. Lighting Pieces

Next, we recommend looking for lighting to brighten up the space. Now, the lighting type that you choose all depends on the space that you have available to you.

If you have a high ceiling, then you can choose lights that hang down. If you have a small space, then floor lamps are the better option.

At your local hardware store, you will find plenty of options for both styles. We recommend matching the mirror previously picked out and keep with the gold theme for your hardware and to choose a neutral or a green color for your lamp shades to keep with the theme of the emerald, green elegancy from earlier.

If you enjoy the idea of hanging light options, go for a stunning emerald, green fixture that looks antique and unique — it would add a spice of personality to any space.

Finally, to tie it all together with a final spritz we would recommend looking into a suncatcher to really help decorate your space with natural lighting. There are many options for handmade suncatchers on Etsy or other handmade stores that would really make your space shine all day long!