A grey sectional couch in a living room.

Need New Furniture? Browse These 4 Online Stores

Online Furniture Shopping Guide

There are so many options for online furniture shopping. The list is endless, but questions to ask are: “Who should I be buying from?” “Who has the best warranty and prices?” “Is their product reliable and available?” “How is their customer service?”

If these are all questions that you have been asking yourself, then you have come to the right place. Top reliable and well-known furniture brands include stores such as Crate and Barrel, West Elm, Pottery Barn, Joybird, Article, Wayfair and Ashley Furniture.

Where to Buy Furniture Online

How do we narrow this down? Well, first you can check furniture stores near you and see if you have any of the listings, so you can go view the product in person.

Next, you can online shop! You can go to each website and see if you like their product. Try to narrow it down before going into the store to help make it an easy and happy experience.

For more unique pieces, I would recommend looking at Joybird, Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn. Mind you this is not for every customer, but the one-of-a-kind shopper will see this and be in love with it.

1. Joybird

The positive thing about the Joybird website is that it is incredibly easy for consumer use. There is currently a 30%-off sale sitewide for the end of summer, and while you are shopping, an easy customer service question box pops up. This is good if you happen to have any questions.

Joybird also has the option for payment plans, which is great considering everything going on in the world. They also offer a limited lifetime warranty on all their products. The only con to this store is that it is limited, and their website says their warranty team may have problems, so it seems as if there is no guarantee in getting your money back should there be an issue. With that being said, they do not seem to have many customer complaints and issues so they would be a safe bet for your next sofa set!

2. Crate and Barrel

Another option would be Crate and Barrel. They have been a trusted furniture and home decor store since the mid-1900s. They are well-known and liked by most of their customers.

Positive things about Crate and Barrel would be they have reward points, and you will save 10% on almost every item in store. The negative thing is that they appear to be experiencing some delays — it is listed right on the furniture page. They are upfront and want customers to know about the delay possibility before purchasing. All their delay section says is that you should order early and that they do apologize for the inconvenience.

So, of course, look at the expected arrival date before putting through your order and if you need a piece to complete your home urgently, then perhaps choose another store for now.

The grey Notch-U Shaped Sectional, which retails for $5,096 is not available until January, and that is an estimated date. If you have the time, then Crate and Barrel is a great option with many modern designs and affordable prices, as well as more lavish options.

3. Wayfair

If you are an internet savvy customer who prefers online shopping, we would recommend checking out Wayfair and their designs. They have everything you could possibly think of. They ship almost everywhere, and they are reliable and consistent.

They offer payment plans and their customer service is quick, reliable and incredible. The only downside is that you will not be able to see the piece in person, and that is not for everyone, but if it is for you, quickly check them out during your search.

4. Pottery Barn

Another top-notch option is Pottery Barn. Pottery Barn has a wide range of product, in a wide variety of styles. Their prices vary and are affordable. They also offer a card for their reward program.

Their website is easy to use, and the layout allows you to easily find the options. For their Chesterfield Leather Sofa, which retails for $2,799, the wait time is 4 to10 weeks depending on if it needs to be custom-made or not. This is a reasonable time and seems to be the average for their website for most of their products.

One more thing to remember is that everyone has positive and negative experiences and all stores we have listed are reliable brands. Try not to focus on customer reviews and have fun shopping!