A person making a cup of coffee with a coffee maker.

Must-Have Small Kitchen Appliances

How to Deck Out Your Kitchen

The smallest things can make a big difference in your life without you even realizing it. Your kitchen is where you spend most of your free time, so it would only make sense that you have good appliances that add ease to your life. In this article, we look at the top small kitchen appliances to add to your home. They’re functional, stylish and will make your fast-paced life easier.

Most Popular Small Appliances

Today, we are going to go over the must-haves, starting with your toaster.


When looking for a toaster you should look at size and functionality. I find I like my toasters to have four slots for quick family breakfast on those mornings where everyone is running around and rushing. I find it best for a toaster to also have an option to change the heat temperature so you can adjust the level it is toasted at.

Many box stores such as Bed, Bath & Beyond and Kitchen Stuff Plus carry toasters. There are options to shop in person, or online. You tend to have more options online as well, so that may be the best choice either way.

Some of our favorite options are:

  • Cusineart 4-Slice Toaster in Stainless Steel from Bed, Bath & Beyond: $58.99
  • Dualit NewGen 4-Slice Toaster in mint green from Bed, Bath & Beyond: $339.99
  • Hamilton Beach Wide Slot Toaster from Kitchen Stuff Plus: $79.99
  • ZWILLING Enfingy 4 slice toaster from Kitchen Stuff Plus: $314.99


Blenders are a must-have appliance because they make being healthy so much easier. A healthier life equals a healthier mind, which hopefully will help you relax.

When looking for a blender, it is important to look for one that will go with your kitchen design because it is likely to remain sitting on the counter. It is also important to look for a small compact blender with high performance.

Some blender options you may want to look at are:

  • Ballarini Tesoro High Performance Blender from Kitchen Stuff Plus (metallic gray): $149.99
  • ZWILLING Enfinigy Personal Blender from Kitchen Stuff Plus (white/silver): $229.99
  • CRUX Artisan Series 7-speed Blender from Bed, Bath & Beyond: $79.99
  • KitchenAid K400 Blender with Tamper in Blue Velvet from Bed, Bath & Beyond: $279.99
  • Blend Jet Blend Jet 2 Portable Blender 16 ounces in Coral from Bed, Bath & Beyond: $49.99

Coffee Makers

A coffee maker is by far the most important thing to have in your kitchen. We all have such busy lives, and coffee has become an extremely essential part of day-to-day life. Most people need coffee to function.

It’s important to have a coffee maker that is small and can live on your countertop. I would also advise you to look into one that has an option for pods, as well as filtered coffee. There are lots of options depending on your preference and lifestyle, so shop around and find what is right for you.

Our top picks include:

  • Cuisinart Coffee Center Coffee Maker/Single Serve Brewer in stainless steel from Bed, Bath & Beyond: $199.99
  • Cuisinart Coffee Center Brew Basics Coffeemaker in black from Bed, Bath & Beyond: $149.99
  • Cuisinart Extreme Brew 12-cup Programable Coffee Maker in silver from Bed, Bath & Beyond: $119.99
  • Russell Hobbs Pause and Pour Programable Coffee Maker from Kitchen Stuff Plus: $199.99

Air Fryers

Air fryers are a new, hot item. Everyone seems to have them now and that was not the case too long ago. You can put pretty much anything in them!

They are so easy to use — you just put in your chicken press some buttons and walk away. You do not have to think about it too much after that. Set a quick timer and the air fryer will start automatically, leaving you free to do other things while dinner cooks.

Our favorite air fryers include:

  • Chefman Digital Low Fat Air Fryer 8 liters from Kitchen Stuff Plus: $149.99
  • As Seen On TV Elite Digital Low Fat Air Fryer from Kitchen Stuff Plus: $179.99
  • Power XL 5 qt. Vortex Air Fryer in Black from Bed, Bath & Beyond: $164.99
  • CRUX Artisan Series 4.6 qt. Air Fryer with Touchscreen in grey from Bed, Bath & Beyond: $129.99

There are always lots of amazing deals on small kitchen appliances during Black Friday, so take your time to shop around and find what fits in your kitchen space and works with your lifestyle habits.