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7 of the Best Online Shoe Stores to Get New Kicks

Step Up Your Shoe Game

It’s a known fact that women simply love shoes online shopping, and if you are a woman who does not particularly have a weakness when it comes to a beautiful pair of shoes, then you are part of the minority. For most of us, there is just nothing better than browsing through the shelves of a shoe store, trying on every pair that captures your attention.

These days it has become so much easier to do shoe shopping, with thousands of online stores available at the tip of your fingers. Many of these stores tease us as we innocently scroll through our Facebook or Instagram feeds, but how do we know which of these stores are trustworthy?

Even though online shopping has become as normal as popping into your local Walmart, there is still hesitancy when punching in your credit card number online.

7 Top Online Retailers for Fresh Kicks

Here are a few trusted online stores that we can recommend for buying shoes online.

1. Overstock

If your budget is a bit tight then Overstock is a great online store with tons of discounts. Overstock is known for offering everything, from homeware to baby paraphernalia, but their great selection of shoes gives them a notch into this list of trustworthy online stores.

They offer men’s, women’s and kids' shoes, socks and hosiery, as well as accessories. At Overstock you can feast on shoe brands like Nike, Adidas and Ugg.

Their prices range from $6 to $375. Orders over $50 offer free shipping within the U.S., and under $50 orders will have a small shipping fee of $2.95.

2. 6pm

Most people are not aware of this fact, but 6pm is the outlet brand of Zappos. You could even say that it is one of America’s best-kept secrets. 6pm shoes include top brands like Guess, Calvin Klein and Steve Madden if you just have to have that designer name at reduced prices.

Although their price range goes up to about $1,000, 6pm is also a good place to find some great bargains, with some items starting at only $6.

6pm only ships to U.S. addresses with free shipping for two or more items purchased, or an order over $50.

3. Zappos

Zappos has been known to be the best online shoe store in America. The list of brands that Zappos offers are endless, with over 70,000 items to choose from in a large variety of styles, fits and prices.

You will find a few great bargains, but their average prices range from $60 to $100. Zappos’ online store has extremely detailed sub-categories and filters that make finding the perfect shoe much easier.

Zappos offers free shipping anywhere in the world, making it a favorable online shoe boutique.

4. DSW

There is something for the whole family at Designer Shoe Warehouse, a North American online shoe store. With over 15,000 shoes to choose from, this is any person’s dream to browse through their easy-to-use catalog.

DSW store prices average around $70 but they often have seasonal promotions where they have huge discounts to fit your pocket, so keep an eye open for them!

Shipping is only available in the U.S. and Canada.

5. Footlocker

Footlocker is known to be one of the best shoe stores if you are a sports fanatic, or just need a good pair of trainers for those morning runs. Specializing in training shoes, you can find the right sports shoes at Footlocker, home to every brand you can imagine.

This one-stop shop stocks from basketball sneakers, and gym trainers to running shoes. For anyone who likes to know when the newest shoes hit the stores, Footlocker has a nifty Release Calendar to show you just that.

Free shipping on orders over $50 in the U.S.

6. Amazon

Amazon has exploded into one of the largest online stores to date and obviously, you can also buy pretty much any shoe of your heart’s desire. We’re already familiar with the fact that Amazon sells pretty much anything under the sun and they also boast a massive range of shoes.

From men’s, women’s, kids and baby footwear, they also sell every style you can imagine. They are also known as the best try-before-you-buy store.

Their prices range from anything between $12 to $100 with an average of around $40.

Free shipping is available to U.S. citizens and if you are a Prime member, then shipping is much faster for over one hundred million items. This and other reasons make Amazon a great website for online shoe shopping as it is affordable and offers a wide range of shoe choices.

7. Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue and Barney’s New York

If you prefer the more expensive brands like Jimmy Choo, Valentino and Tony Burch, then you will find them in these online stores. Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Barney’s New York are all high-end department stores and offer a massive range of items on their online stores.

Their online shoes are pricier than the likes of Zappos and Amazon, but they also often have sales for reduced prices. Shoes typically range from $40 to a whopping $6,000.

They offer same-day delivery in Manhattan and there is also an option to buy online and collect in-store. If expensive brand shoes are what speak to you, check out their online sites to find a store near you to start browsing!

These are all legitimate stores for shoes and online shopping. They're trustworthy online shoe stores for all you ladies who cannot resist spoiling yourselves occasionally. Happy shopping girls!