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3 Popular Online Shopping Websites

Shop Online from the Comfort of Your Home

Online shopping has become a necessity for many people, and Black Friday 2021 deals are no exception.

So, what are the most popularly used sites for convenient and reliable online shopping? What do you need to know when choosing to patronize one over the other?

In this article we’ll tell you about several of the most popular options in online shopping currently so that you can make the best choice when you’re adding items to your cart!


Amazon itself sells millions of products, and more if you include those available through third-party sellers. Any products you might want to purchase are simply searched and a list with a range of price points appears.

Not sure what you’re shopping for yet, but have the itch to browse? Amazon’s site has curated lists for gift giving, self-care, kids and more.

Any category of product from housewares to technology, clothing/accessories, craft supplies, books, music, and even groceries are available.

Looking for a trumpet for your middle school band member? It can be found on Amazon. Looking for a small piece of fitted pipe for under your bathroom sink? That is there too! Buying a gift for your friend’s birthday? Find a beautiful bracelet for her, a gift box to wrap it in, the wrapping paper, and a card--you guessed it-- all on Amazon.com.

Customer reviews posted for everything help you to make informed decisions before you buy.

Shipping Options

Amazon offers different shipping choices for having packages delivered to your home or any address. Have your items placed on the front porch, inside your entryway, or placed into your room of choice.

There is also a deluxe delivery and unpack option for larger items. What makes all these options great is that they can be accessed at the click of a button, making you feel reassured you’ll get your preference.

While you are shopping, you can see estimated delivery costs and dates with guaranteed delivery information after the order is processed. They will even refund the cost of shipping for an order if the guaranteed delivery date is not met.

We would also be remiss not to mention the wonderful benefits of Amazon Prime shipping. This is an affordable yearly or monthly (you pick!) subscription fee which already covers shipping charges at the time of purchase and delivers many Amazon products within 2 days of ordering.

The convenience of knowing that millions of items are available to you in a short 48 hours is any customer’s dream.


eBay is another online super-retailer where you can find things in a myriad of categories. Most of the products found on eBay come from third party sellers which can range from individuals looking to make a profit on car parts and nostalgic collectibles, to small businesses digitizing their catalogs.

This gives power to the consumer, in the form of many choices and recommendations based on what you need. Once you sign up for eBay, you can select items right away.

When you find what you’re looking for (and possibly more), decide whether to bid on the item at the current listed price or buy it immediately. If you love a great deal, you may choose to bid and see if you win the sale.

This can result in you paying less for what you need than buying it outright at retail price.

Payments with PayPal on eBay Purchases

Shopping with eBay features secure monetary transactions through Paypal — a digital payment middleman that secures your bank information and ensures you’re paying what you expect.

This is very appealing to users because scams online can be common. Step by step onscreen instructions will help you pay for your items in a timely and efficient way and that will bring peace of mind to your online shopping experience.

Shipping from eBay

All shipping details and cost options are shown separate from the price of the item on every eBay listing. There are options for international shipping too, which may cost more.

As with any online shopping experience it is important to know exactly where your item is coming from before committing to the purchase. You can also choose a local pickup option for certain items if you’d rather look products over in person before bringing them home.


Etsy is a one stop online shopping platform for small business owners and hobbyists looking to sell to a wide range of customers. The products you’ll find on Etsy are often handmade and personalized.

Supporting small local businesses is often on a shopper’s mind and Etsy is exclusive to that niche. Particularly when gift giving, shoppers are looking for unique and creative options for their friends and loved ones.

Browsing items on Etsy will help you to find the perfect item for special occasions and special people — including treating yourself!

Shopping and Shipping with Etsy

Item categories on Etsy range from jewelry, clothing, decorations for events/ home décor, toys, art, collectibles, and more. Buying handmade items or buying supplies for making your own DIY is made easy when you use Etsy because it is dedicated to just that — makers and creators.

Etsy takes the big box retail out of the equation and connects customers directly to people who make what they’re shopping for. Shipping is direct from seller to buyer, and each seller outlines their shipping options on each of their listing pages.

So, what will you be shopping for online this season? Some spruced up home décor, or some early holiday gifts?
Do it all from the comfort of your couch and find it all when you use one of the platforms we have presented here. Don’t forget to leave a review for any site or rate the seller, when you complete purchases so that other shoppers like you can be as informed as possible. Happy browsing!