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Top 5 Tech Gifts

What Are the Best Tech Gifts?

Let’s face it, we all get excited to open a gift to find that it is a handy tech gadget of some sort. Our lives are so fast paced that we all appreciate something that will make our lives easier and more comfortable. Let me tell you, these days there are so many cool tech gadgets that it can boggle the mind as to what to get. We did some of the work for you and came up with some of the best tech gifts for your friend, family member or work colleague.

1. Samsung Galaxy Buds

In true form, Apple set the trend for the wireless earphones with the Apple Air Pods, but if you have not quite bought into the Apple family and are on a bit of a budget then the Samsung Galaxy Buds will be music to your ears. The Galaxy buds are surprisingly an almost better option in terms of price, color options – you can choose between black, white or even pink on Amazon – and they come with extra ear tips to make sure you get the right fit and they block out sound better because of their shape.

The buds also have a shortcut for launching specific music apps and you can control the volume with touch control, something the Apple Air Pods do not have. These cute buds also have instant pairing ability so there is no hassle in connecting to get your groove on. Another upside to these buds is that they have extremely long battery life so you can go without charging for up to eight hours. You can get a pair of these stylish and tech-savvy babies at Amazon for between $99 to $169 in a variety of cool colors.

2. Crosley Turntable

If the person you are needing a gift for has a real love for music and can appreciate that feeling of gently setting a vinyl onto a turntable and listening to the sweet sounds as the music producers intended it to be, then this can be an excellent tech gift. Turntables have made a serious come-back since their disappearance in the ‘90s when CDs arrived on the scene. It would seem that having a turntable is more of a statement and fashion necessity so it would make the perfect gift. Crosley has the coolest selection of nifty turntables in different colors with patterns and styles.

They all come with their own case and some of them pack up into a suitcase, making them quite portable. From as little as $69 this would make a great gift, and if you are feeling more generous, there are some for around $249.

3. Apple TV

With cable TV soon becoming a thing of the distant past, streaming services have become a must-have in every home. We could not help but side with Apple TV as being one of the best tech gifts. Everything Apple always seems to take the cake when it comes to its competition, and in this case, we have to agree. Apple TV offers a wide variety of streaming channels all in one little box which will not even take up space on your home entertainment space.

On Apple TV you can find Netflix, Hulu and YouTube, to name a few. This is really a one-stop shop for binge-watching movies and series. This cute entertainment in a box will only cost you around $169 at Walmart, making it a very decent gift if you can afford it.

4. Dash Cam Crosstour CR300

Have you ever been in a car accident where you were not at fault, but when you try to claim insurance, the other party claims that the accident was your fault? Well, with a handy gadget like the Dashcam Crosstour, you will have all the footage you need to prove how the accident happened. So, for people who are extra cautious when driving, this makes a perfect gift. Its price is around $30 so it is also quite affordable if you are on a budget but want to gift something decent. However, it can be assumed that at that low price, the electronics are not state-of-the-art. We do believe that it will serve its purpose. You can pick up one of these at Walmart for $42.

5. Bose Frames

We just had to throw these in as one of the best tech gifts. Bose sunglasses may be a tiny bit bulkier than regular sunglasses, but it is not that you would even notice it. The reason for this is because they are multi-purpose shades, with built-in speakers in the arms so that you can rock those tunes while looking cool and protecting your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. These are a super cool accessory and being renowned for their audio quality, Bose has outdone themselves with this fantastic combination of fashion and tech. A slightly pricier gift, Bose Frames are available directly from Bose for $224.